February's Housing Market Stats in Southwest Austin

Southwest Austin Housing Market Stats for February 2017The Austin Board of Realtors, through the Community Impact newspaper, presented a summary of the housing market stats for Southwest Austin for February 2017. Comparing data from Southwest Austin, Austin-Round Rock MSA, Travis County, and statewide data, the image on the right shows how Southwest Austin fared compared to the others this past month.

Median home prices in Southwest Austin last February increased by 2.3% year-over-year. Southwest Austin's median home price is also a close second to Travis County's with both data higher than the Austin-Round Rock MSA and statewide figures. However, the year-to-year change of prices in Southwest Austin and Travis County are more stable, compared to Austin-Round Rock MSA's and statewide percentages of 7.6% and 9%, respectively.

In summary, Southwest Austin's home prices are higher than statewide and Austin-Rond Rock MSA averages, but the region's median home price is still below Travis County's $5,400 average.

The interactive tables in the summary can give you more precise figures for last month's market snapshot for Southwest Austin. To gain access to the article from which this post was based, please click here.

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