Homeowners Beware: Four Signs of a Water Leak

When it comes to protecting your home from leaks, it is important to be proactive. Here are a few signs courtesy of Austin Plumbery that can help you catch a water leak in the early stages.  These telltale signs may just save you thousands of dollars. 

Sign #1: Water Bill Spikes

If you notice your water bill increases drastically or a change in pattern this could reflect a possible undetected leak. Compare your bill from year to date, to confirm any irregularities. 

Sign #2: Foundation Shifts and Cracks

Sudden and frequent cracks in the foundation can indicate a leaking pipe behind the scenes. Seepage can cause damage and present itself as cracks in your foundation and other structural components such as walls.

Sign #3: Ticking Water Meter

Another way to check for a home leak, turn off the water of your home, then check the status of the meter. If the water meter is ticking and starts to move quickly, this indicates that you have a rather large leak. If it slowly increases, your leak may be of a smaller impact.

Sign #4: Mold, Mildew, and Wet Spots

If you notice any wet spots on or around sinks, toilets, showers/tubs this may be a sign of leakage. You may also find accumulation in your yard. Beyond the visuals, if you have a persistent damp or musty odor, contact your local plumber. 

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