Latest Updates on Transportation Projects in Southwest Austin

  1. Proposed street improvements to St. Elmo Road and Redd Street
    • Both streets will be resurfaced prior to proposed improvements, which include completing sidewalk gaps on Pack Saddle Pass near Redd Street, shortening and improving the visibility of pedestrian crossings on Redd and St. Elmo Road, and upgrading bicycle connectivity to improve active and Safe Routes to School for both St. Elmo and Joslin elementary school students.
    • Timeline: summer 2017-TBD
    • Cost: $178,000
    • Funding sources: city of Austin Transportation and Public Works departments
  2. South Lamar Blvd. Adaptive Traffic Signal Control pilot project Phase 1

    • The city of Austin completed Phase 1 of the South Lamar Boulevard Adaptive Traffic Signal Control pilot project in March, which adjusted traffic signals on South Lamar from Treadwell Street to the Brodie Oaks shopping center to reduce delays in traffic flow. Phase 2 of the project, which mimics Phase 1, began in April.

    • Timeline: spring 2015-summer 2017
    • Cost: approximately $80,000
    • Funding sources: Surface Transportation Metropolitan Mobility grant
  3. Convict Hill Road and Escarpment Boulevard intersection, signal improvements

    • Work is underway to improve safety and mobility for eastbound and westbound Convict Hill Road by adding intersection and signal improvements to the intersection at Convict Hill and Escarpment Boulevard.

    • Timeline: March-May 2017
    • Cost: $50,000
    • Funding sources: Quarter Cent Fund

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