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Southwest Austin Transportation Projects You Should be Aware Of


Update No 1:

Road construction is underway on both the eastbound and westbound of Convict Hill Road in an effort to improve safety and mobility. An intersection will be added on to the current traffic plan, as well as signal improvements along Convict Hill and Escarpment Boulevard. This phase of road improvement in Southwest Austin will be completed next month.


Update No. 2:

An environmental study and design efforts for a proposed rehabilitation and improvement project on Travis County's FM 1626 has been completed. The next phase of the project is right-of-way acquisition, with several parcels of land that will be used for the project. The process will take approximately 18 months to complete. The new roadway plans to turn FM1626 from Brodie Lane to Manchaca road into "a four-lane highway with a continuous center left-turn lane as well as shoulders, curbs, gutters and sidewalks." Bids for construction contractors will begin on August, with a target date of completion on the 3rd quarter of 2019.

Update No. 3:

We are running late... with the widening...

What's Happening in Southwest Austin this Week

There's always something interesting going on at Southwest Austin, and this week is no exception! Here are some updates Southwest Austinites should know:

Improving Affordability in Austin

An action plan aiming to improve affordability in Austin has been announcened by the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce and its coalition partners in an effort to address issues on affordable house, easier permit processing, and easier access to healthcare.

As the city develops further into becoming one of the most sought-after metros for millennials and investors to live in, the influx has adversely affected the standard and cost of living in the city. The action plan aims to counteract the negative changes of the influx to help sustain the favorable living conditions in Austin.

Commuter Safety with Lower Speed Limits

Rep. Celia Israel, D-Austin, introduced a bill to lower speed limits on unmarked Texas roads to 25mph (from 30mph). The bill aims to lower the number of traffic fatalities throughout the state.

Teacher at Oak Hill Elementary School Aims for Rather Prize

Renae Hernandez, teacher at Oak Hill Elementary School, is vying for newsman Dan Rather's $10,000 Rather Prize, in an effort to found the literacy program called "Blast" for kindergarten through second-grade teachers. The winner will be announced at the education innovation conferences of South by Southwest Conferences and Festivals. Please support her cause by voting here.

New Car Vending Machine in Southwest Austin

Are we in Tokyo? The infamous car vending machine craze has arrived in Austin. The new car vending machine of Carvana at Southwest Austin is the third unit to be established in the U.S. Car buyers get...

What's Happening in Southwest Austin: Weekly Update

There's always a lot of things going on in and around Southwest Austin! Here are some valuable pieces of info that Southwest Austinites need to know:

Now You Can Avoid Traffic at the I-35!

The Texas Department of Transportation recently launched an interactive map and website that provides details on upcoming lane closures, travel delays, and traffic incidents in the counties of Hays, Travis, and Williamson. All you need is a smartphone to check if the I-35 is incident-free or not congested with heavy traffic for you to plan your route for the day. The website can be accessed here.

More Time for Enjoyment for Jacob's Well Natural Area Visitors

The Hays County Commissioners Court voted to extend the open hours of Jacob's Well Natural Area in Wimberley. They have also voted to extend the swimming season from May 1 to October1, instead of the traditional season from Memorial Day until Labor Day. Good news for all locals and tourists!

Parking Laws to be Enforced at the Pennybacker Bridge

Austin's iconic Pennybacker Bridge will soon have more police presence as authorities strive to strictly enforce parking laws at the popular tourist destination. Known as a great venue for sightseeing and as a dropoff pointn for hikers, the Austin Police Department would like to ensure the safety of visitors who frequent the area.

New Southwest Austin Private School to Launch in Fall

A new private school will begin catering to 24 sixth-grade students starting this fall. The Synergy Middle School is located at The Art Garage, 11190 Circle Drive, Austin. For more details, you can check out the school's official website here.


2016 Southwest Austin Real Estate Market Stats

Travis Country Stats for 2016 Cain Realty GroupAside from our impressive report on real estate stats in Austin for 2016, we've got some good news about our performance in the area of Southwest Austin, too! Using data collected from the MLS, we have compiled a metric measuring how well we fared in providing our excellent home buying and home selling services to our clients in the 78739 and 78749 ZIP Codes.

Here are some of the things you might want to know that truly attest to us being "the most trusted home buying and home selling team" in Southwest Austin!

  • Cain Realty Group sells for 3.56% more than the neighborhood average. This means an average of $13,387, based on the average Southwest Austin home sales price.
  • Cain Realty Group sells their clients' homes in approximately 7 days from the time of listing. That's 24 days faster than the market average.
  • Cain Realty Group gets their clients 5.94% more than discount brokers. 
  • Compared to two other realtors servicing the Southwest Austin area, Cain Realty Group got their sellers over 3.69% more than their immediate competitors' averages.

We may not be the biggest team in Austin, but we hold true to our word that we are "the most trusted home buying and home selling team", and for good reason! As we gear towards growing our team this 2017 to service more clients in Southwest Austin, we aim to provide the same kind of excellent service to more people. If you or anybody you know needs people they can trust for their home buying or home selling needs, please do get...