New Pieous Store Set to Open in Belterra Village

Pieous, a restaurant located at 12005 W. Hwy. 290, Austin, is known among the locals as a great place to enjoy pizza and pastrami. The famous eatery is now making headlines not only for its awesome pizza dishes, but also for its smart business moves.

It has been reported that the restaurant chain is working with Endeavor Real Estate Group to build Pieous Mecca, a new flagship location in Belterra Village near the intersection of West Hwy. 290 and Nutty Brown Road.

Josh Kaner, co-owner of the restaurant, says that the restaurant will move to the new site sometime in 2017, where customers can enjoy more parking spaces and its chefs can produce more food for hungry patrons with its impressively large kitchen space. The official address has not yet been announced. 512-394-7041.

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