T.A. Brown Elementary School Shut Down Due to Structural Damage

Press Conference for T.A. Brown ClosureAn assessment conducted by Austin ISD officials revealed Friday that the crawlspaces of the T.A. Brown Elementary School building suffered extensive damages to its plaster wings, cafeteria, and administrative offices, leading the district to close down the school indefinitely. At a news conference conducted Friday, district officials explained that the assessment was part of the Facilities Master Plan and that they were in the process of examining the facilities of schools in the district to determine each unit's educational feasibility and structural conditions.

However, the scheduled inspection at T.A. Brown in mid-October led to the unpleasant find, and with reports finalized and submitted at the school district last week, officials have decided to close the school without any future plans to reopen. With the safety of the students and the teaching staff as top priority, members of the board have decided to halt all instruction at the school and make arrangements on how the students can continue their education in safer environments. Because of this, Brown’s 360 students will be relocated to two different sites based on grade level. Children in pre-K and kindergarten, as well as students in special units, will be placed at Reilly Elementary School, while students in grades one through five will be relocated to the Allan Elementary School campus, a facility currently used to house Child, Inc. Childcare Center as well as some of the district’s other partners.

For more details regarding the permanent closure of T.A. Brown Elementary school, you may access the article from which this post was based by clicking on this link.

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