What's Happening in Southwest Austin this Week

There's always something interesting going on at Southwest Austin, and this week is no exception! Here are some updates Southwest Austinites should know:

Improving Affordability in Austin

An action plan aiming to improve affordability in Austin has been announcened by the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce and its coalition partners in an effort to address issues on affordable house, easier permit processing, and easier access to healthcare.

As the city develops further into becoming one of the most sought-after metros for millennials and investors to live in, the influx has adversely affected the standard and cost of living in the city. The action plan aims to counteract the negative changes of the influx to help sustain the favorable living conditions in Austin.

Commuter Safety with Lower Speed Limits

Rep. Celia Israel, D-Austin, introduced a bill to lower speed limits on unmarked Texas roads to 25mph (from 30mph). The bill aims to lower the number of traffic fatalities throughout the state.

Teacher at Oak Hill Elementary School Aims for Rather Prize

Renae Hernandez, teacher at Oak Hill Elementary School, is vying for newsman Dan Rather's $10,000 Rather Prize, in an effort to found the literacy program called "Blast" for kindergarten through second-grade teachers. The winner will be announced at the education innovation conferences of South by Southwest Conferences and Festivals. Please support her cause by voting here.

New Car Vending Machine in Southwest Austin

Are we in Tokyo? The infamous car vending machine craze has arrived in Austin. The new car vending machine of Carvana at Southwest Austin is the third unit to be established in the U.S. Car buyers get to pick their car on-site. What a cool way to choose your ride, right?

The latest event and updates in Southwest Austin all indicate that living here gives you excitement and a taste of all the good things in life. Keep checking back to our blog for more Southwest Austin updates!

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